Professional Keynote Speaker, Mentalist, Magician & Comedian in the Mid-West

Professional Keynote Speaker, Mentalist, Magician & Comedian in the Mid-West

Welcome to Amazing Arthur's website, the perfect destination for anyone seeking an engaging and dynamic speaker for their next corporate or educational event. 

The Amazing Arthur Fratelli is a highly captivating and community-building presenter who combines his 25 years of full-time stage experience, diverse background, and passion for teaching to create memorable and inspiring performances.

Arthur's presentations are designed to motivate and inspire audiences of all ages, using a variety of techniques from gut-busting comedy hypnosis to science-based brain training. He has honed his craft through extensive training in martial arts, psychology, eastern and western philosophy, stoicism, and hypnotherapy. 

As a former educator and certified hypnotherapist, Arthur brings a deep understanding of how the brain works and the power of visualization, repetition, and persistence to every performance.

Arthur's visually engaging presentations are interwoven with personal stories, anecdotes, one-liners, and a bit of improv. He crafts each performance using a blend of laser-sharp improv and well-practiced presentation techniques. His straight-from-the-heart energy motivates organizations to get moving, take full advantage of every moment, and overcome imagined limitations to become the people they want to be.

Clients love Arthur's all-generation appeal and how he skillfully works the crowd, keeping everyone entertained, laughing, and learning all at once. What sets Arthur apart is his ability to personalize his performances to suit the unique requirements of each audience. His performances are classy, interactive, funny, and, of course, amazing.

Arthur is an accomplished speaker, martial artist, mentalist, magician, hypnotist, and former teacher who specializes in delivering top-notch entertainment for high-end corporate events. 

He has studied comedy theory, writing, and improvisation at Second City Chicago, rounding out his already impressive skillset. 

Arthur's highly captivating and community-building presentations are perfect for corporate events looking to motivate and inspire their attendees.

Don't settle for an average speaker when you can have one that is truly amazing. 

Book Arthur Fratelli for your next corporate event and experience the power of his presentations firsthand. Move beyond the past and seize the present, making every moment count in real and meaningful ways. 

Contact Amazing Arthur today and make your event unforgettable.

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