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Mentalist Extraordinaire

The Power of the Mind!


Understanding that people listen best while watching-Arthur couples incredible skills with everyday objects-spoons, lollipops, cards, wine glasses all take place in a presentation that takes the audience on a journey into psychology neurology, and magic. This is an inspirational experience packed with personal stories that address the problems facing people today.  Arthur offers an action plan that will boost self-esteem and awaken a more positive attitude. This is a presentation that is nothing short of AMAZING!

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Discover the power within to make a meaningful difference in how you approach work and family. The Amazing Arthur uses the latest in neuroscience, personal stories, funny anecdotes, skillful demonstrations, and motivational messages to help people and teams explore the power of their minds. Everything is backed up with modern day science.

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Learn and laugh at the same time and start focusing on what really matters. Using proven strategies that produce the best results, The Amazing Arthur will have you making real and meaningful life changes!


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